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Home Mars Mining Colony Modular Layout in N (Left Module)

This is the left part of a bigger modular display layout in N scale, representing a possible future mining colony on the planet Mars.


Scale & Size
Scale: N (1/160)
Size: Very Small
Dimen­sions: 120cm x 80cm; 47" x 31"; 3.9′ x 2.6′
Area: 0.96m2; 1.15yd2
Time & Theme
Epoch/Era: Future
Theme: Fictional
Scene: Futuristic
Tracks & Route
Trackage: Peco N Code 80
Type: Diorama/Display, Single Module
Line: Single
Min. radius: 228mm; 9"
Turnout angles: 22.5°
Features & Control
Traffic: Passenger, Freight
Power supply: DCC


The module consists of a landing pad for ships to bring in/out freight with a line that comes right next to it for loading & unloading, control center (the yellow building built into the outside of the crater wall), a train station for passengers (the purple building on the left side), solar panels array (in the upper left corner), four hydroponics greenhouses (2 each side with light blue roofs) and several connecting corridors between the passenger station and administration building (in red). The blue tank could be an oxygen tank or water tank. The tracks outside of the tunnels will be covered with clear plastic protection tubing.

Note that the terrain surface color on the 3D images above is edited to match the color of the ground on Mars while the default terrain color in SCARM is green.

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Project: Layout   
Author: David Boxall   
Designed with: SCARM
Posted on: 11 Feb 2014
Views: 6250
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