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Model Train Layouts & Track Plans

Home Marklin HO M-Track Plan 340x310

An old Marklin M-track plan with lot of tracks, suitable for all those model train fans who wants to have more and more trackage on the layout in order to run more and more trains all the time :)


Scale & Size
Scale: H0 (1/87)
Size: Large
Dimen­sions: 340cm x 310cm; 134" x 122"; 11.2′ x 10.2′
Area: 10.54m2; 12.61yd2
Time & Theme
Epoch/Era: III, IV / Transition, Modern
Theme: Fictional
Location: Europe, Germany
Scene: Plain
Tracks & Route
Trackage: Marklin M-track
Type: Closed Route
Line: Mixed (Single + Double + Triple), with Branch(es)
Min. radius: 360mm; 14.2" (R1)
Max. grade: 3%
Turnout angles: 24.3°
Features & Control
Traffic: Passenger, Freight, Shunting/Switching
Power supply: AC
Turnouts: Electric

Project: Track Plan   
Author: Atle Bjanes   
Designed with: SCARM
Posted on: 25 Nov 2021
Views: 13227
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