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Large and complex U-shaped HO scale layout with main station on the upper level, connected via double main line and two helices to a large shadow station on the lower level. The track plan is suitable for running of long passenger and freight trains and also for lots of shunting/switching operations in the stations and branches.


Scale & Size
Scale: H0 (1/87)
Size: Extra Large
Dimen­sions: 534cm x 330cm; 210" x 130"; 17.5′ x 10.8′
Area: 17.62m2; 21.08yd2
Time & Theme
Epoch/Era: IV, V / Modern
Season: Spring/Summer
Theme: Fictional
Location: Europe, Germany
Tracks & Route
Trackage: Tillig H0 Elite flex-tracks & flex-turnouts, Roco H0 Line
Type: Closed Route
Line: Double, with Junction/​Meeting Station(s), with Branch(es), with Helix(ces), with Fiddle Yard(s)
Min. radius: 600mm; 23.6" (in the visible areas)
420mm; 16.5" (in the shadow station)
Max. grade: 2.5%
Features & Control
Traffic: Passenger, Freight, Shunting/Switching
Power supply: DCC
Turnouts: Electric
Uncoupling: Manual


The layout is constructed on two levels – upper scenic level with a 6-spur combined passenger and freight station in front and lower shadow/park level with a large shadow station. The two levels are connected with double main line and wide helices in both ends of the U-shaped table with maximum grade of 2,5%.

In the left part of the layout are located the warehouse for construction materials and construction yard with two unfinished buildings. In the right part are located a turntable with roundhouse and modern depot. All tracks on the upper level, including the turntable, roundhouse and depot are electrified with overhead wires (catenary).

The minimum radius of the curves on the main line in the upper level and the visible areas is 600mm (~23.6”), while the minimum radius in the shadow station and invisible areas is 420mm (~16,5”). The trackage used on the upper (visible) level is Tillig H0 Elite flex tracks and flex (bausatz or DIY) turnouts, while the trackage on the lower (invisible) level is Roco H0 Line flexes, sectional tracks and regular turnouts.

Note: As SCARM is unable to represent Tillig H0 Elite flex turnouts, Philip used two regular flex-tracks to represent each flex turnout. Because of this, there are many unconnected track ends in both station throats and this SCARM track plan is not suitable for simulation in the Model Trains Simulator.

Project: Layout   
Author: Philip Klappacher   
Designed with: SCARM
Posted on: 11 Sep 2020
Views: 17753
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