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The "size" of a given layout is absolute value and is based on the real area that the track plan takes. The table below shows the minimum and maximum area values for each size in this site.

0,75m2 / 0,82yd2
Very small0,75m2 / 0,82yd21,5m2 / 1,64yd2
Small1,5m2 / 1,64yd23m2 / 3,28yd2
Medium3m2 / 3,28yd26m2 / 6,56yd2
Large6m2 / 6,56yd212m2 / 13,12yd2
Extra Large12m2 / 13,12yd224m2 / 26,24yd2
Huge24m2 / 26,24yd248m2 / 52,5yd2
Vast48m2 / 52,5yd2

As stated above, the size is absolute value and is not related to the scale. This means that a layout with track plan in HO scale will be about 4 times smaller in area than the same track plan in O scale, while the relative size of the layouts will be equal. So, when you filter the layouts and search for track plans by "size", always observe the result's scales and scale ratios.

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